12th Commerce IT Chapter 5 Exercise – Database Concepts using Libre Office Base | Maharashtra Board (Free Solution)

12th Commerce IT Chapter 5 Exercise

12th Commerce IT Chapter 5 Exercise
12th Commerce IT Chapter 5 Exercise

Chapter 5 – Database Concepts using Libre Office Base

Q 1. Fill in the blanks

1) Database is a collection of related data.

2) Queries are used to retrieveinformation from database.

3) The representation of data in printed form is called as report.

Q 2. State True/False.

1Form is used to collect the data from the user.
Answer: True

2) Menu bar is present below Title bar.
Answer: True

3) Columns are called as records.
Answer: False

Q 3. Multiple Choice Question.
(1 correct answer)

1) Rows in Base are called as …………………..
a) records
b) fields
c) table
d) database

2) File extension of Base is …………….
a) .odt
b) .ods
c) .odb
d) .odp

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Q 4. Answer in brief.

1) Define database.


A database is a collection of related data items stored in an organized manner. A Database consists of different objects like table, query, form, and report. The table is a collection of related data. The query is used to retrieve information from database. The form is used to collect the information from user. Report is used to represent the data in printed form.

2) What is a query?


a) A Query is a question asked within the database environment. For example how many students are in XII standard.
b) Query displays a subset of data contained in various tables of database.
c) Query is used to retrieve records from the table.

3) Define report.


a) The presentation of information in an organised and readable format as per the user’s requirement is known as report.
b) Various complex reports can be generated that can help in taking decisions by the management.
c) Report is the representation of data in printed form.

4) Explain working area of Base.


a) Rest of the part below standard tool bar is called as working area.
b) It is divided into two panes-Left pane and right pane.
c) Left pane displays name of database objects like tables, queries, forms and reports.
d) Right pane displays activities related to that particular object.

Q 5. Match the following.

1) Querya) Collect information from user.
2) Reportb) Collection of related data.
3) Formc) Retrieve data from database.
4) Tabled) printed form of data.

1) – c) Retrieve data from database.
2) – d) printed form of data.
3) – a) Collect information from user.
4) – b) Collection of related data.

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