11th Commerce Notes Maharashtra Board – Free Solution

11th Commerce Notes Maharashtra Board

11th commerce notes maharashtra board
11th Commerce Notes Maharashtra board

The solutions for the Balbharati books are the best study material for students. These Balbharati Solutions for all subjects of 11th Standard HSC Maharashtra State Board will help students understand the concepts better.

Scholar’s Classes provide solutions for Balbharati 11th and have all the answers to the questions given in the textbooks of 11th Standard Maharashtra State Board. Scholar’s Classes is surely a site that most of your classmates are using to perform well in exams.

All the answers are written by subject experts with more than 12 years of experience.
Also, get extra questions and answers.

You can solve 11th Standard Maharashtra State Board textbook questions and use Scholar’s Classes Balbharati Solutions.

11th BK Textbook Solutions

Chapter Name Solution Link
1) Introduction to Book-Keeping and AccountancySolution
2) Meaning and Fundamentals of Double Entry Book-KeepingSolution
3) JournalSolution
4) LedgerSolution
5) Subsidiary BooksSolution
6) Bank Reconciliation StatementSolution
7) DepreciationSolution
8) Rectification of ErrorsSolution
9) Final Accounts of a Proprietary ConcernSolution
10) Single Entry SystemSolution

11th Economics Textbook Solutions

Chapter Name Solution Link
1) Basic Concepts in EconomicsSolution
2) MoneySolution
3) Partition ValuesSolution
4) The Economy of MaharashtraSolution
5) Rural Development in IndiaSolution
6) Population in IndiaSolution
7) Unemployment in IndiaSolution
8) Poverty in IndiaSolution
9) Economic Policy of India Since 1991Solution
10) Economic Planning in IndiaSolution

11th OCM Textbook Solutions

Chapter Name Solution Link
1) Introduction of Commerce and BusinessClick Here
2) TradeClick Here
3) Small Scale Industry and BusinessClick Here
4) Forms of Business Organisation – IClick Here
5) Forms of Business Organisation – IIClick Here
6) Institutes Supporting BusinessClick Here
7) Business EnvironmentClick Here
8) Introduction to ManagementClick Here

11th Commerce SP Textbook Solution

Chapter Name Solution Link
1) SecretaryClick Here
2) Joint Stock CompanyClick Here
3) Formation of a companyClick Here
4) Documents related to formation of a companyClick Here
5) Members of a companyClick Here
6) Directors and Key Managerial personnel of a companyClick Here
7) Company Meetings – IClick Here
8) Company Meetings – IIClick Here
9) Business Communication Skills of SecretaryClick Here
10) Correspondence with DirectorsClick Here
11) Correspondence with BanksClick Here
12) Correspondence with Statutory AuthoritiesClick Here

11th Commerce IT Textbook Solutions

Chapter Name Solution Link
1) Basics of Information TechnologyClick Here
2) Introduction to DBMSClick Here
3) Impressive Web DesigningClick Here
4) Cyber LawClick Here
Textbook Solutions of 11th Commerce (All Subjects)Click Here
Free pdf of 11th Commerce Textbooks Click Here

Free online lecture on the above topic – Click Here

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