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Admission of Partner Class 12 New Syllabus


When a firm requires additional capital or managerial help or both for the expansion of its business a new partner may be admitted to supplement its existing resources. According to the Partnership Act 1932, a new partner can be admitted into the firm only with the consent of all the existing partners unless otherwise agreed upon. With the admission of a new partner, the partnership firm is reconstituted and a new agreement is entered into to carry on the business
of the firm.
A newly admitted partner acquires two main rights in the firm–

  • Right to share the assets of the partnership firm; and
  • Right to share the profits of the partnership firm.
    For the right to acquire a share in the assets and profits of the partnership firm, the partner brings an agreed amount of capital either in cash or in kind. Moreover, in the case of an established firm that may be earning more profits
    than the normal rate of return on its capital the new partner is required to contribute some additional amount known as premium or goodwill. This is done primarily to compensate the existing partners for the loss of their share in super-profits of the firm.
    Following are the other important points which require attention at the time of admission of a new partner:
  • New profit sharing ratio;
  • Sacrificing ratio;
  • Valuation and adjustment of goodwill;
  • Revaluation of assets and Reassessment of liabilities;
  • Distribution of accumulated profits (reserves); and
  • Adjustment of partners’ capitals.

You can watch introduction video from below link.

Introduction Video on Admission of Partner

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