Human Relations Leadership & Motivation MCQ | 20 Free MCQs

Human Relations Leadership & Motivation MCQ

Human Relations Leadership & Motivation MCQ
Human Relations Leadership & Motivation MCQ

1. ________ is a process of an effective motivation of individuals in a given situation to achieve a balance of objectives.
a) Training
b) Human relations
c) Performance appraisal

2. _______ is the activity of influencing people to strive willingly for group objectives.
a) Motivation
b) Leadership
c) Communication

3. ________ is pattern of behaviour of a leader to get the work done from subordinates.
a) Decentralization
b) Leadership style
c) Motivationpattern

4. Under _________ leadership style, the leader makes all decisions by himself without consulting the subordinates.
a) autocratic
b) participative
c) laissez-faire

5. Under _______ leadership style, subordinates make decisions. 
a) Laissez-faire
b) participative
c) consultative

6. According to Abraham Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory, _______ level needs to be satisfied before other needs.
a) lower
b) middle
c) higher

7. ERG Theory stands for ________ relatedness and growth. 
a) existence
b) empathy
c) energy

8. Theory X assumes _______ approach of the managers towards employees.
a) traditional
b) professional
c) general

9. ________ is a general term used to describe overall group satisfaction. 
a) Job Satisfaction
b) Morale
c) GeneralSatisfaction

10. ________ type of leadership style is mostly followed in Government organisations.
a) Autocratic
b) Bureaucratic
c) Democratic

Answers: (1)Human relations (2)Leadership (3)Leadership style (4)autocratic (5)Laissez-faire (6)lower (7)existence (8)traditional (9)Morale (10)Bureaucratic

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