Introduction to GST MCQ | 40 Free MCQs

Introduction to GST MCQ

Introduction to GST MCQ
Income from Business and Profession MCQ

1. GST Stands for
(a) Goods and Supply Tax
(b) Government Sales Tax
(c) Goods and Services Tax
(d) Good and Simple Tax

2. GST is levied in India on the basis of _________ Principle.
(a) Origin
(b) Destination
(c) Either a or b
(d) Both a or b

3. The main objective of GST implementation is __________ .
(a) To consolidate multiple indirect tax levies into single tax
(b) Overcoming limitation of existing indirect tax structure
(c) Creating efficiencies in tax administration
(d) All of above

4. Which of the following is not a bill passed by parliament for the implementation of GST in India?
(a) The Central GST Act, 2017
(b) The State GST Act, 2017
(c) The Integrated GST Act, 2017
(d) None of above

5. ________ Petroleum products have been temporarily been kept out of GST..
(a) One
(b) Two
(c) Three
(d) Five

6. In India, GST structure is ________ in nature.
(a) Single
(b) Dual
(c) Triple
(d) (a) & (b) both

7. GST is not levied on which of the following?
(a) Alcoholic Liquor for Human Consumption
(b) Five Petroleum Products
(c) Immovable Property
(d) All of above

8. GST is not levied on which of the following?
(a) Motor Spirit
(b) High speed diesel
(c) Natural gas
(d) All of above

9. _________ is levied on Intra-State Supply of goods and/or Services.
(a) CGST
(b) SGST
(c) IGST
(d) Both a & b

10. ________ is levied on Inter State Supply of Goods and/or Services.
(a) CGST
(b) SGST
(c) IGST
(d) Both a & b

Answers: 1)Goods and Services Tax 2)Destination 3)All of above 4)The State GST Act, 2017 5)Five 6)Dual 7)All of above 8)All of above 9)Both a & b 10)IGST

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