11th Economics Chapter 10 Exercise Answer (Economic Planning in India) Maharashtra Board – Free Solution

11th Economics Chapter 10 Exercise

11th Economics Chapter 10 Exercise
11th Economics Chapter 10 Exercise

Chapter 10 – Economic Planning in India

Q. 1. Choose the correct option

1) Statements that are true about the Planning Commission :
a) Planning Commission was established in 1950.
b) The Prime Minister is the Ex-Officio Chairman of Planning Commission.
c) Economic planning is a time-bound programme.
d) Economic planning is based on predetermined objectives.
Options :
1) a and b
2) a, b, c and d
3) a and c
4) None of these

2) Statements that are incorrect regarding India’s five year plans :
a) The main objective of first five-year plan was development of agriculture.
b) Social welfare and poverty eradication were the prime objectives of the seventh five-year plan.
c) By the second five-year plan, focus increased on faster, inclusive growth.
d) Development of both agriculture and industry were the main objectives of the third five year plan.
Options :
1) a
2) a, b and d
3) c
4) b and d

3) Identify the correct pairs from the given options :

1) Economic Planninga) Selection by Prime Minister
2) Twelfth Five Year Planb) Think Tank group of Indian Government
3) NITI Aayogc) Fast and sustainable growth
4) NITI Aayog ice-Chairpersond) Time-bound program

Options :
1) 1-c, 2-a, 3-d, 4-b
2) 1-d, 2-b, 3-a, 4-c
3) 1-d, 2-c, 3-b, 4-a
4) 1-b, 2-d, 3-c, 4-a

4) Choose the correct statement :
Statement 1
– NITI Aayog takes note of dynamic change in the Indian economy.
Statement 2 – Considering the economic, social, and technological differences in underdeveloped districts, the body plans to implement various programmes and bring about economic changes.
Options :
a) statement 1 is correct
b) statement 2 is correct
c) statement 2 is the result of statement 1
d) there is no relation between statement 1 and statement 2.

Q. 2. Give economic terms

1) Conscious and deliberate choice of economic priorities by some public authority. – Economic Planning
2) A group of people called forth by the government to discuss various problems and also try to find solutions to them. – Think Tank

Q. 3. Identify and explain the concepts from the given illustrations

1) Sayali’s mother maintains a book of accounts for household purpose and plans the expenditure accordingly.
Economic planning
Economic planning is a time bound programme to achieve certain objectives with the help of available resources by the planning authority.

2) Ramabai gets a subsidy on domestic LPG directly transferred to her bank a/c.
Concept: Service Delivery
It is one of the important objective of 12th five year plan. Major subsidies and welfare related
beneficiaries to be shifted to a direct cash transfer by using the Aadhar platform linked with bank accounts.

3) To solve classroom related issues, the teacher forms a group of students. This group discusses the problems and finds solutions to it.
Concept: Think-tank
Think-tank is a group of experts who are gathered together by an organisation in order to consider various problems, try and work out ways to solve them.

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