12th Bk Question Paper 2021 with Solution | Download Free Pdf

Bk Question Paper 2021 with Solution

Bk Question Paper 2021 with Solution
Bk Question Paper 2021 with Solution

Q.1. Attempt all of the following sub-questions: [20]

(A) Select the correct options and rewrite the statements: (5)

(1) A statement showing financial position of the business is called as _______.
(a) Trail Balance
(b) Capital
(c) Balance Sheet
(d) Trading Account

(2) The set of programs that direct the computer to perform the desired task is _______.
(a) Software
(b) Programme
(c) Application
(d) Hardware

(3) The information supplied by the financial statements are _______ in nature.
(a) Universal
(b) Complete
(c) Historical
(d) None of these

(4) The balance of the capital A/c of retired partner is transferred to his _________ Account.
(a) Executor’s Loan
(b) Loan
(c) Wife’s loan
(d) Son’s Loan

(5) The closing balance of Receipts and Payments account usually represents ________ balance.
(a) Closing stock
(b) Cash and Bank
(c) Surplus
(d) Deficit

(B) Write a word / term / phrase as a substitute for each of the following statements: (5)

(1) The shares on which dividend is not fixed.
Answer: Equity Shares/Ordinary Shares

(2) Amount which is not recoverable from Drawee on account of insolvency.
Answer: Bad Debts

(3) Liability likely to arise in future on happening of certain event.
Answer: Contingent Liability

(4) Ratio by which existing partners are benefited on the death of the partner.
Answer: Gain Ratio

(5) Account open for revaluation of assets and liabilities.
Answer: Revaluation A/c or Profit and Loss adjustment A/c

(C) Find odd one: (5)

(1) Decrease in Furniture, Patents written off, Increase in Bills Payable, RDD written off
(2) Subscription received, Sundry receipts, Interest Received, Audit fees
(3) Dock Charges, Printing and Stationery, Custom Duty, Wages and salary
(4) Electricity Bill, Trade Bill, Inland Bill, Foreign Bill
(5) Creditors, Land and Building, General Reserve, Capital

(D) Calculate the following: (5)

(1) When depreciation is ₹ 7,500 and Closing balance of Library books is ₹ 92,500. by 10%. Calculate the opening balance of Library books.

Bk Question Paper 2021 with Solution Part 1


Bk Question Paper 2021 with Solution 3

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Q.2 Admission of Partner

The balance sheet of Prathmesh and Shiv who share profit and losses in the ratio of 3:2 as at 31st March 2020 was as under :


Q.2 Retirement of Partner

Given below is the balance sheet of Geeta, Yogita, and Pranita who are sharing profits and losses equally:

Q.2 Dissolution of Partnership Firm

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