Export Finance MCQ | 25 Free MCQs on Export Marketing

Export Finance MCQ

Export Finance MCQ
Export Finance MCQ

1. ________ goods are sold on deferred credit basis.
(a) Capital
(b) Consumer
(c) FMCG
(d) Deferred

2. The main purpose of packing credit is to meet ______ capital needs of exporters.
(a) Fixed
(b) Working
(c) Regular
(d) Interim

3. A major part of export finance is provided by ________ banks.
(a) commercial
(b) agricultural
(c) industrial
(d) co-operative

4. _______ finances Indian joint ventures in foreign countries.
(a) EXIM
(d) ECGC

5. ________ has its head office in Lucknow.
(b) RBI
(c) EXIM
(d) EPC

6. ________ provides finance to entrepreneurs for setting up tourism related activities.
(b) ECGC
(c) EPCG
(d) EPC

7. SIDBI provide direct finance to obtain _________ certification.
(a) ISO 9000
(b) Quality
(c) ISI
(d) Six-sigma

8. Political risks can be covered under _______ policies.
(a) ECGC
(b) LIC
(c) RBI
(d) Marine

9. ________ backs the lending programme of banks, by issuing financial guarantees.
(a) ECGC
(b) EPCG
(c) LIC
(d) CoC

10. There are high risks in ________ payment method.
(a) Advance payment
(b) LC
(c) Open account
(d) Bills of exchange

Answers: 1)Capital 2)Working 3)commercial 4)EXIM 5)SIDBI 6)SIDBI 7)ISO 9000 8)ECGC 9)ECGC 10)Open account

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