Export Distribution and Promotion MCQ | 25 Free MCQs on Export Marketing

Export Distribution and Promotion MCQ

Export Distribution and Promotion MCQ
Export Distribution and Promotion MCQ

1. _________ is a longer channel of distribution in export business.
(a) Direct channel
(b) Indirect channel
(c) Latitudinal channel
(d) Longitudinal channel

2. ________ helps to distribute export goods only through government agencies.
(a) Co-operatives
(b) Canalizing Agencies
(c) Customs Officials
(d) Consortiums

3. _________ distribution channel reduces per unit cost of the product in export business.
(a) Direct
(b) Indirect
(c) Variance distribution
(d) Binomial distribution

4. Logistics in export marketing does not cover _______ aspect.
(a) Packaging
(b) Warehousing
(c) Material handling
(d) Advertising

5. _______ helps to co-ordinate moving of resources with the help of people, equipment and technology.
(a) Logistics
(b) Human Resource Management
(c) Marketing
(d) Research

6. _______ covers financial risks in export business.
(a) Insurance
(b) Transportation
(c) Communication
(d) Warehousing

7. ________ is the most convenient and cost effective mode of transport in export business.
(a) Roadways
(b) Railways
(c) Seaways
(d) Airways

8. _________ is not an element of promotion.
(a) Publicity
(b) Sales Promotion
(c) Sponsorship
(d) Product

9. ________ is a sales promotion tool.
(a) Discounts
(b) Premium price
(c) Perceived product
(d) Sponsorship

10. Trade fairs and exhibitions help the exporters in _______ .
(a) buying import products
(b) promoting export products
(c) exploring new markets
(d) developing new products

Answers: 1)Indirect channel 2)Canalizing Agencies 3)Direct 4)Advertising 5)Logistics 6)Insurance 7)Seaways 8)Product 9)Discounts 10)promoting export products

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