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Human Resource Management MCQ

Human Resource Management MCQ
Human Resource Management MCQ

1. HRM ensures the availability of competent ________ . 
a) customers
b) public
c) manpower

2. ________ is the process of estimating future manpower needs of the organisation.
a) Promotion of employees
b) Human resource planning
c) Placement of employees

3. Human Resource Managers need to align HRM policies with ________ strategy.
a) Competitors’
b) Government
c) Corporate

4. _________ analysis is the process of studying and collecting information relating to operations and responsibilities of a specific job.
a) Job
b) Role
c) Cost-Benefit

5. _________ is a process of searching and attracting capable candidates to apply for the jobs.
a) Selection
b) Recruitment
c) Induction

6. _________ is a standard format of the company to obtain information about every candidate applying for the job.
a) Application Form
b) Appointment Format
c) Application Blank

7. ________ test is conducted to judge specific talent or skill to handle a particular type of job.
a) Aptitude
b) Interest
c) Intelligence

8. In _________ interviews are conducted as per the rules and practices. 
a) Stress
b) Formal
c) Informal

9. In ________ interview, a list of questions to be asked to the candidates is prepared well in advance.
a) Structured
b) Unstructured
c) Informal

10. ________ refers to horizontal movement of employees in respect of job position.
a) Training
b) Promotion
c) Transfer

Answers: (1)manpower (2)Human resource planning (3)Corporate (4)Job (5)Recruitment (6)Application Blank (7)Aptitude (8)Formal (9)Structured (10)Transfer

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