Human Resource Management MCQ | 20 Free MCQs

11. Employees’ welfare includes _______ . 
a) counselling
b) crèche facility
c) promotion

12. ________ refers to fitting the right person at the right place of work. 
a) Recruitment
b) Selection
c) Placement

13. ______ is a process of choosing the right person for the right job. 
a) Selection
b) Recruitment
c) Placement

14. ________ test measures the skills and knowledge required for a job. 
a) Performance
b) GK
c) Interest

15. _______ test helps to identify specific talent to handle particular type of job.
a) Perception
b) Aptitude
c) GK

16. Interview is a ______ communication between candidate and interviewer.
a) one-way
b) three-way
c) two-way

17. _______ is a specific format to obtain information about candidates applying for the job.
a) Application Blank
b) Invitation Letter
c) Interview Letter

18. ______ is handled by a junior executive in respect of selection of employees.
a) Medical check
b) Initial screening
c) Final interview

19. Human resource ______ involves human resource requirements forecast.
a) planning
b) development
c) management

20. _______ manager plays an important role in counselling and stress management.
a) HR
b) Finance
c) Marketing

Answers: (11)crèche facility (12)Placement (13)Selection (14)Performance (15)Aptitude (16)two-way (17)Application Blank (18)Initial screening (19)planning (20)HR

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