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Importance of Principles of Management

Importance of Principles of Management
Importance of Principles of Management

Importance of Principles of Management

Management Principles are guiding the manager so it is important for every manager to know them. In every type of organization or in group activity, one needs to apply principles according to nature, size and requirement of the organization. These principles are tested and practiced worldwide from many years. Therefore, it is important to study the significance or importance of management principles with the help of the following facts:

1) Provides useful insight to managers

The principles of management help the manager to understand the organisation. The study of the principles helps to improve the understanding of the situations and problems. It further helps the manager to find out the solutions to the problems and handle situations. Management principles are an outcome of the experience of various professional people. The use of these principles is helping managers about the manner in which he should act in different situations. This type of timely guidance reduces the wastage of resources and the goals can be achieved in appropriate manner.

2) Helpful in efficient utilization of resources

In every organization two types of resources are used i.e. physical resources (material, machines, money etc.) and human resources (manpower). The basic function of management is to make proper balance between these resources by putting them to optimum use and control on wastage of resources. While maintaining discipline and healthy working environment, management always uses techniques and principles. It helps in establishing cordial relationship between management and employees which increases the efficiency level of employees and also affects the effective administration. For example, Use of standard tools and machinery helps in increasing quality or productivity as well as in increasing level of efficiency of human resources.

3) Scientific decisions

In business organization, a scientific decision means systematic or balanced decision. Principles train the managers to handle critical situations tactfully otherwise the managers have to work always with trial and error method. With the use of various management principles, one can get an idea about how to analyze the situations, to search alternative options and their results.

4) Understanding social responsibility

Management principles are based on every aspect of organization. They are not developed only from view point of handling the resources effectively but they guide management in understanding social responsibility of organization. So that they can focus on providing quality products at reasonable prices, avoiding artificial monopolistic situations in market, fair competition, fair remuneration, change in environment, healthy working place, standard tools and machinery etc.

5) Encourages Research and Development (R and D)

Principles of management are dynamic. Their nature goes on changing along with the changes in the business world. Over the years they have developed to suit the current need. It enables the managers to bring consistent improvement in them. Management adopts new trends at working place automatically. These guidelines help management to make comparison of used principles with its expected outcome. If needed, management can modify the principles according to situation as the management is having liberty to take the decisions at their own. This training helps in developing scientific approach towards research and development and growth and development of organisation. For example, R and D department always works on finding new techniques in the field of production, finance, marketing, human resources etc.

6) Helps to coordinate and control

Management principles are the guidelines for better coordination and control. It is very challenging to create coordination and cooperation among different employees working in different departments. It is also difficult task for manager to keep control on the performances of employees. Management principles offer suitable systems while establishing coordination and control.

7) Develops objective approach

With the help of various principles of management, one can develop an objective approach. Managers can identify the business opportunities, root causes of the problems in correct manner and can provide appropriate solutions on it. It builds confidence in the minds of the managers.

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