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MCOM Syllabus

MCOM Syllabus
MCOM Syllabus

A Master’s of Commerce in Advanced Accountancy and Business Management abbreviated as M.Com degree is two years spread over four semesters postgraduate master’s degree imparted in regular mode and Distance mode by Mumbai University. In, M.Com – Advanced Accountancy, the focus is on corporate accounting, taxation, and strategic finance.

However, to solve the needs of the managerial cadre in business and industry, a course on strategic management and research methodology is taught to the learners. Master in Commerce (M.Com) is itself a specialized post-graduate degree programme to prepare an individual for a career in Accounting and Finance in the corporate sector as well as a basic qualification to enter into the teaching profession. M.Com serves as an essential pre-requisite for pursuing a Doctorate study, Ph.D. degree, focusing on Niche areas, emerging accounting and management fields.

MCOM Syllabus

MCOM has 4 subjects.
First Year subjects are common for Accountancy and Management.

M.Com Sem 1 Subjects and Syllabus

1) Economics for Business Decisions (Chapters)
a) Basic Principles in Business Economics
b) Demand and Supply Analysis
c) Production Decisions and Cost Analysis
d) Market Structure Analysis

2) Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (Chapters)
a) Introduction to Business Ethics
b) Indian Ethical Practices and Corporate Governance
c) Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility
d) Areas of CSR and CSR Policy

3) Cost & Management Accounting (Chapters)
a) Marginal Costing, Absorption Costing, and Management Decisions
b) Standard Costing
c) Budgetary Control
d) Operating Costing

4) Strategic Management (Chapters)
a) Introduction to Strategic Management
b) Strategy Formulation, Implementation, and Evaluation
c) Business, Corporate and Global Strategies
d) Emerging Strategic Trends

M.Com Sem 2 Subjects and Syllabus

1) Corporate Finance (Chapters)
a) Scope and Objectives of Financial Management
b) Time Value of Money
c) Financial Analysis – Application of Ratio Analysis in Financial Decision Making
d) Financial Decisions

2) E-Commerce (Chapters)
a) Introduction to Electronic Commerce –Evolution and Models
b) World Wide Web and E-enterprise
c) E-marketing and Electronic Payment System
d) Legal and Regulatory Environment and Security issues of E-commerce

3) Macro Economics (Chapters)
a) Aggregate Income and its Dimensions
b) Keynesian concepts of Aggregate Demand (ADF), Aggregate Supply (ASF)
c) Economic Policy Implications in the IS-LM framework
d) International Aspects of Macroeconomic Policy

4) Research Methodology (Chapters)
a) Introduction to Research
b) Research Process
c) Data Processing and Statistical Analysis
d) Research Reporting and Modern Practices in Research

M.Com Sem 3 Subjects (Accountancy)

Any three subjects from the below list

Advanced Financial Accounting
Corporate Financial Accounting
(Skill-based) : Financial Management
Direct Tax
Financial Services

4) Project Work – I

M.Com Sem 3 Subjects (Management)

Any three subjects from the below list

Human Resource Management
Rural Marketing
Entrepreneurial Management
Marketing Strategies and Practices
Organizational Behaviour

4) Project Work – I

M.Com Sem 4 Subjects (Accountancy)

Any three subjects from the below list

Supply chain management and logistics
Advertising and Sales Management
Retail Management
Tourism Management
Management of Business Relations

4) Project Work – I

M.Com Sem 4 Subjects (Management)

Any three subjects from the below list

Advanced Auditing
Indirect Tax
International Financial Reporting Standards
Personal Financial Planning
Financial Journalism

4) Project Work – I

M.Com Books in pdf – Download

MCOM Subjects and Syllabus in detail (pdf) – Click Here

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