TYBCOM Subjects list Sem 5 – Mumbai University (Download Free pdf of Syllabus)

TYBCOM Subjects list Sem 5

TYBCOM Subjects list SEM 5

  • Financial Accounting Semester V
  • Cost Accounting TYBCOM Semester V
  • Direct Tax TYBCOM Semester V
  • Commerce V (Marketing) Semester V
  • Business Economics V TYBCOM Semester V
  • Export Marketing TYBCOM Semester V
  • Financial Management TYBCOM Semester V

TYBCOM Subjects list SEM 6

  • Financial Accounting Semester VI
  • Cost Accounting TYBCOM Semester VI
  • Indirect Tax GST Act TYBCOM Semester VI
  • Commerce VI (Human Resource Management) Semester VI
  • Business Economics VI TYBCOM Semester VI
  • Export Marketing TYBCOM Semester VI
  • Financial Management TYBCOM Semester VI

The video contains the following topics

  1. Syllabus of TYBCOM SEM 6
  2. How to score +90% in TYBCOM
  3. Study plan and tips.

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TYBCOM Subjects list Sem 5 (Download pdf of Syllabus)

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