Export Finance MCQ | 25 Free MCQs on Export Marketing

11. Packing credit is also known as ________ finance.
(a) pre-shipment
(b) post-shipment
(c) capital
(d) fixed

12. _______ refers to export trade for which export proceeds are received in form of other products in exchange of forex.
(a) Countertrade
(b) Entrepot
(c) Position trade
(d) Swing trade

13. EXIM finances _______ term loans.
(a) Long
(b) Short
(c) Fixed
(d) Micro

14. ECGC is owned and governed by ________ .
(a) Government of India
(b) Cooperatives
(c) Traders
(d) Corporations

15. SIDBI provides _________ .
(a) Pre-shipment finance
(b) Post-shipment finance
(c) Financing bank schemes
(d) All of the above

16. Which among the following is not a type of LC ?
(a) Advance payment
(b) Revocable
(c) Confirmed
(d) Transferable LC

17. _______ LC cannot be modified or cancelled without the consent of the exporter.
(a) Revocable
(b) Irrevocable
(c) Stand-by
(d) Back-to-back

18. _______ LC is the safest LC in export business.
(a) Confirmed
(b) Revocable
(c) Unconfirmed
(d) Non-transferable

19. _________ is a negotiable instrument that provides payment to the exporter.
(a) Bills of exchange
(b) Bills of shipping
(c) Bills of invoice
(d) Bills in trade

20. Period of pre-shipment finance is _______ days.
(a) 45
(b) 90
(c) 180
(d) 360

Answers: 11)pre-shipment 12)Countertrade 13)Long 14)Government of India 15)All of the above 16)Advance payment 17)Irrevocable 18)Confirmed 19)Bills of exchange 20)180

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