SYBCOM Books Pdf (Semester 3 and 4) | Mumbai University (Regular and IDOL) – Free Download

SYBCOM Books Pdf

SYBCOM acts as a foundation for students before they go on to further studies. Therefore, it is recommended that students follow the syllabus prescribed by the University and prepare for the examinations by thoroughly going through the official textbooks recommended by the University

To enable easier access to the Mumbai University SYBCOM books for students, we have made the textbooks for all subjects in all mediums available as e-books on their official website for students to download. For students’ convenience, links to download some of the major subjects, the students have taken up for their SYBCOM (Regular and IDOL) have been provided below.

  • SYBCOM Syllabus – Mumbai University Click Here
  • SYBCOM Subjects – Mumbai University SEM 1 & 2 Click Here
SYBCOM Books Pdf
SYBCOM Books Pdf

Please share the link with another student so that every student can take advantage of free Books.

SYBCOM Books Pdf


SubjectsDownload Links
Accountancy Financial Management IIIClick Here
Business Law IClick Here
Elements of MacroeconomicsClick Here
Foundation Course IIIClick Here
Advertising IClick Here
Commerce IIIClick Here
Company Secretarial Practice IClick Here
Marketing Management IClick Here
Management AccountingClick Here


SubjectsDownload Links
Accountancy Financial Management IVClick Here
Business Law IIClick Here
Business Economics IVClick Here
Foundation Course IVClick Here
Advertising IIClick Here
Commerce IVClick Here
Company Secretarial Practice IIClick Here
Marketing Management IIClick Here
Financial Accounting and AuditingClick Here

FYBCOM Books (Regular and Idol Students) – Download
SYBCOM Books (Regular and Idol Students) – Download
TYBCOM Books (Regular and Idol Students) – Download

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