12th OCM Question Paper 2021 with Solution | Maharashtra Board (Download Free Pdf)

12th OCM Question Paper 2021 with Solution

12th OCM Question Paper 2021 with Solution
12th OCM Question Paper 2021 with Solution

12th Commerce OCM Textbook Solutions

Chapter Name Solution Link
1) Principles of ManagementClick Here
2) Functions of ManagementClick Here
3) Entrepreneurship DevelopmentClick Here
4) Business ServicesClick Here
5) Emerging Modes of BusinessClick Here
6) Social Responsibilities of BusinessClick Here
7) Consumer ProtectionClick Here
8) MarketingClick Here

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Students Appearing for Maha 12th Class Exam need to Get Familiar with the Exam Pattern and Question Paper design. They Should also know the Marking Scheme of the Upcoming Maharashtra 12th class Exam 2021, Students who are Searching for Maharashtra 12th Class Question Paper 2021 can Find the Complete list of Subject Wise Annual, Supplementary & Model Question Paper of New Syllabus

12th OCM Question Paper 2021 with Solution

Q. 1. (A) Select the correct option and rewrite the sentences :                      (5) {20}

1) The process of contracting a business function to someone else is called as …………. .
a) outsourcing
b) trading
c) e-business

2) The President of District Commission is a …………….. .
a) District Judge
b) High Court Judge
c) Supreme Court Judge

3) …………. was regarded as Father of Scientific Management.
a) Henry Fayol
b) F W Taylor
c) Philip Kotler

4) Principle of …………….. is not applicable to life insurance.
a) insurable interest
b) utmost good faith
c) indemnity

5) In modern competitive market, consumer is regarded as the ……….. .
a) king
b) Agent
c) Owner

(B) Match the words from the following group ‘A’ and group ‘B’ correctly:         (5)

Group ‘A’Group ‘B’
a) Directing1) Tangible in nature
b) Business Services2) Exists everywhere
c) Digital Cash3) It is the process of instructing, guiding, communicating, and motivating
d) Responsibility towards investors4) Job security
e) Digital Marketing5) Use of digital media
6) Intangible in nature
7) Exists only in cyberspace
8) Use of traditional media
9) Return on investment
10) It is the process of recruiting, placing, and remunerating

A-3 , B-6 ,C-7 ,D-9 ,E-5

(C) Write a word/phrase/term which can substitute the following statements :   (5)

1) A place where the goods and services are bought and sold. (Market)
2) A person who is an innovator who introduces new combinations of means of production. (Entrepreneur)
3) Warehouse in which perishable goods are stored. (Cold Storage)                     
4) The first step in an online transaction. (Registration)
5) Earning foreign exchange is the responsibility of the organization towards this group. (Government)

(D) Find and write the odd one among the following :                               (5)

1) Endowment policy, Whole life policy, Money back policy, Blanket policy.
2) Job security, health and safety measures, good working condition, reasonable profit.
3) District Commission, State Commission, NGO, National Commission
4) Selecting, Training, Co-ordinating, Placing
5) Price, People, Promotion, Product

Q. 2. Explain the following terms/concepts : (Any Four)                                  (12)

1) E-Business
Answer: The term ‘E-business’ i.e electronic business is derived from the terms e-mail and e-commerce.
E-business or electronic business is the administration of conducting business via the internet. This would include the buying and selling of goods or services, along with providing technical or customer support through the internet.

2) Staffing
Answer: Staffing is the function of execution according to plan and organizational structure. It is the process of attracting, recruiting, selecting, placing, appraising, remunerating, developing, and retaining the best workforce. Overall growth and success of every venture are based on the appropriateness of staffing functions. It is very challenging for organizations to focus on the best utilization of the workforce by using their talents and skills, retaining them, and arranging training and development programs. The function emphasizes managing human and not material or financial

3) Outsourcing
Answer: Outsourcing is the process of contracting a business function or any specific business activity to specialized agencies mostly the non-core areas such as sanitation, security, household pantry etc. are outsourced by the company. The company makes a formal agreement with the agency.
The company benefits in two ways.
i) It reduces its own cost
ii) It uses the expertise of the firm which specializes in a particular kind of service.

4) Banking
Answer: The term Bank comes from the French word ‘Banco’ which means a ‘bench’. In earlier days, money-lenders used to display coins of different currencies in big heaps or benches or tables for the purpose of lending or exchanging.
A bank is a financial institution that deals with deposits and advances and other related services. Bank provides various services related to money or financial requirements of consumers.

5) Lok Adalat
Answer: Lok Adalat is an effective and economical system for quick redressal of public grievances. It can also be referred to as ‘People’s Court’.
It is established by the government to settle disputes by compromise. The aggrieved party can directly approach the Adalat with a grievance, issues are discussed on the spot, and decisions are taken immediately. Resolution of disputes by Lok Adalat gets statutory recognition. e.g. MSEDCL, MSRTC, Railway Authority, Insurance Companies, Banks, etc. organize regular Lok Adalat.

6) Mental Revolution
Answer: Taylor introduced the concept of “Mental Revolution”. This principle focuses on change in the attitude of employees and management towards each other. Both should realize their equal importance in organization. They should give full cooperation for achieving the goal of the organization. This will increase productivity and profits.

Q. 3. Study the following case/situation and express your opinion : (Any Two) (6)

1) Mr. Ram, an emerging entrepreneur has designed a structure of his business organization by taking into consideration the required resources such as land, money, machinery, workforce, etc, for his new business. He appointed Mr.Shyam as a manager. Mr.Ram has been assigned the responsibilities such as recruitment, selection, training, and development and to determine the remuneration of the employees’ to Mr.Shyam. Mr. Ram has also appointed Mr.Shubham to supervise the work done by the employees according to the standards given to the employees. Mr.Shubham has to also suggest remedies to the employees wherever necessary.
In this context, find out the management functions performed by
a) Mr. Ram

b) Mr.Shyam
c) Mr.Shubham

a) Mr. Ram performs the function of planning and organizing.
b) Mr. Shayam performs the function of staffing because his main duties are to recruit, select, train, and development of the employees.
c) Mr. Shubham performs the function of controlling because he compares the actual performance of employees to standard performance. He also suggests remedies to overcome deviations.

2) An organization manufacturing paints has been enjoying a prominent market position since many years. It has been dumping its untreated poisonous waste on the riverbank which has created many health problems for the nearby villages.
a) Which responsibility is neglected by paint manufacturing organizations?
2) What kind of pollution are they creating?
3) Mention any one precautionary measures they need to take.

1) Responsibility towards the protection of the environment is neglected by the paint manufacturing organization.
2) They are creating water pollution by dumping its untreated poisonous waste on the riverbank.
3) Proper waste management techniques should be used by which waste should be reduced or reused.

3) Mr. Ved made his payment by cheque at the same time Mr. Shlok made his payment by fund transfer. In this situation.
a) Whose payment is faster?
b) Whose payment is related to traditional business?
c) Whose payment is related to e-business?

a) Payment made by Mr. Shlok is faster than the payment made by Mr. Ved.
2) Payment made by Mr. Ved by cheque is related to traditional business.
3) Payment made by Mr. Shlok by fund transfer is related to e-business.