Export Distribution and Promotion MCQ | 25 Free MCQs on Export Marketing

11. Personal selling is also known as _______ .
(a) Salesmanship
(b) Sponsorship
(c) Sales-Promotion
(d) Public Relations

12. _______ is a paid form of non-personal presentation of export goods by the exporter.
(a) Packaging
(b) Publicity
(c) Advertising
(d) Sales Promotion

13. _________ insurance is covered by Marine Insurance Act, 1963.
(a) Marine
(b) Life
(c) Medical
(d) Health

14. _________ premium helps to cover risks occurred due to perils of the sea.
(a) Marine
(b) Price
(c) Freight
(d) Port

15. ________ is not a marine insurance policy.
(a) Hull insurance
(b) Time insurance
(c) Voyage plan
(d) Umbrella insurance

16. ________ is a warehousing type that holds zero-inventory, where products are received, processed and shipped to exporting countries.
(a) Cross-docking
(b) Near-shore
(c) Off-shore
(d) Horizontal

17. _________ is a group of exporters who form trading association for mutual distribution benefits.
(a) Canalizing agency
(b) Consortium
(c) State Corporation
(d) Manufacturing exporters

18. __________ is a promotion element that uses short term tactic to persuade the importers to make purchases.
(a) Trade fairs and exhibitions
(b) Sponsorships
(c) Sales-promotion
(d) Salesmanship

19. _________ characteristics influence the choice of distribution channels in export marketing.
(a) Customer
(b) Global
(c) Employee Morale

20. Under ________ marketing, the manufacturer makes own arrangement to distribute the goods.
(a) Indirect
(b) Direct
(c) Regional

Answers: 11)Salesmanship 12)Advertising 13)Marine 14)Marine 15)Umbrella insurance 16)Cross-docking 17)Consortium 18)Sales-promotion 19)Customer 20)Direct

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