OCM Syllabus and Paper Pattern 12th Commerce for 2024-25 (Free PDF)| Maharashtra Board

OCM Syllabus and Paper Pattern

OCM Syllabus and Paper Pattern
OCM Syllabus and Paper Pattern
OCM Syllabus and Paper Pattern
Q.1From the following types of sub-questions,
any 4 will be asked 
 (20 Marks)
 1. Select the correct answer from the options given
below and rewrite the statements.
 2. Match the pairs.  
 3. Write a word or a term or a phrase 
 4. Find the odd one 
 5. Complete the Sentence  
 6. Select the correct option from the bracket. 
 7. Answer in one sentence. 
 8. State true or false. 
 9. Correct the underlined word/s and rewrite
the following sentences.
 10. Arrange in proper order.  
Q.2Explain the following terms/concept(Any 4 out of 6)(08 Marks)
Q.3Study the following case/situation and express
your opinion
(Any 2 out of 3)(06 Marks)
Q.4Distinguish between(Any 3 out of 4)(12 Marks)
Q.5Answer in brief(Any 2 out of 3)(08 Marks)
Q.6Justify the following statements (Any 2 out of 4)(08 Marks)
Q.7Attempt the following. (Any 2 out of 3)(10 Marks)
Q.8Answer the following (Long Answer)(Any 1 out of 2)(08 Marks)
 TOTAL 80 Marks

12th Commerce OCM Textbook Solutions

Chapter Name Solution Link
1) Principles of ManagementClick Here
2) Functions of ManagementClick Here
3) Entrepreneurship DevelopmentClick Here
4) Business ServicesClick Here
5) Emerging Modes of BusinessClick Here
6) Social Responsibilities of BusinessClick Here
7) Consumer ProtectionClick Here
8) MarketingClick Here

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OCM Syllabus and Paper Pattern 12th Commerce

Official Chapter Wise Marks Distribution | Paper Pattern of OCM Class 12 | Maharashtra Board

Official Chapter Wise Marks Distribution | Paper Pattern of OCM Class 12 | Maharashtra Board

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12th OCM Chapters

1. Principles of Management
2. Functions of Management
3. Entrepreneurship Development

4. Business Services
5. Emerging Modes of Business
6. Social Responsibilities of Business
7. Consumer Protection
8. Marketing

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