Product Planning and Pricing Decision MCQ | 25 Free MCQs on Export Marketing

11. __________ gives an identity to the exporter and its brands sold in foreign markets.
(a) Branding
(b) Marking
(c) Labelling
(d) Packaging

12. ________ helps to distinguish the company’s brand among its competitors.
(a) Brand name
(b) Company name
(c) Product marking
(d) Product price

13. Product price is not directly affected by _______ .
(a) Costs
(b) Product nature
(c) Competitor’s prices
(d) Quota restrictions

14. INCO terms refer to _______ .
(a) International Commercial Terms
(b) In-trade Commercial Terms
(c) Interim Compensation
(d) International Company

15. The main objective of export pricing is _________ .
(a) Maximizing the profits
(b) Applying for Government incentives
(c) Ease in documentation
(d) Facilitates distribution

16. Product mix is _______ .
(a) a specific category of product line
(b) a range of companies’ offerings
(c) a part of product depth
(d) a restricted line of companies’ offerings

17. ________ among the following is not an element of branding.
(a) Brand name
(b) Logo
(c) Brand colour
(d) Country of origin mark

18. Packaging helps in ________ .
(a) Protection against damages
(b) Preservation of quality
(c) Promotion of product
(d) All of the above

19. __________ refers to creating a distinct image in the minds of the audience towards a specific brand.
(a) Positioning
(b) Promotion
(c) Packaging
(d) Product Labelling

20. Product promotion in export business is mainly done through ________ .
(a) Advertising
(b) Publicity
(c) Salesmanship
(d) Participation in trade-fairs and exhibitions

Answers: 11)Branding 12)Brand name 13)Quota restrictions 14)International Commercial Terms 15)Maximizing the profits 16)a range of companies’ offerings 17)Country of origin mark 18)All of the above 19)Positioning 20)Participation in trade-fairs and exhibitions

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